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Explore. Experiment. Execute.

When it comes to building your AI literacy, the hardest part may be knowing where to start. Use the resources on this page to frame, focus, and follow through on a strategy for managing the learning curve.

Tech Stack Audit

Explore your existing tech stack. Discover how the software you already use is AI-assisted and AI-infused.



Pilot AI using the Use Case Model or the Problem-Based Model, depending on your role within an organization.

Pilot AI

AI Communities

Join AI-related forums and online communities and conversations. Webinars and podcasts are great resources for industry wisdom.

Industry Wisdom




Individual and Team Coaching

Achieving AI literacy requires consistent curiosity without getting distracted by the proliferation of AI innovation that is available. Maintaining focus can be challenging, particularly when the landscape is changing almost daily.

Work with an AI literacy coach to build your roadmap for exploring AI technology that is applicable to and aligned with your business objectives. Get access to blueprints, case studies, and workshops that are relevant to your specific business operations.

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