Use Case Model

Download this workbook and walk through the steps for piloting AI with the Use Case Model. It includes templates to guide you as you describe a relevant use case and the associated workflow. Then, you'll audit the related tech stack to identify AI-infused software. The templates in the Use Case Model can be used by an individual practitioner at any stage of the learning curve, from AI adoption to AI integration.  


Problem-Based Model

Use the templates in the Problem-Based Model workbook to frame a process for discovering opportunities to integrate AI into your methods for solving business problems. The objective is to look at problems differently and explore AI's capabilities. Accelerate AI literacy and embrace AI with this structured approach. Organization-wide AI adoption can increase revenue and cut costs. 


Tech Stack Audit

This workbook includes templates for listing and  organizing your tech stack. Audit your tech stack and discover which of your software is AI-infused, and compare it to options and alternative solutions.  A simple audit can lead to exploring and experimenting with AI. A tech stack audit can be done in conjunction with piloting AI using the Use Case Model or the Problem-Based Model.