AI Use Cases

Use Cases and Examples

These use cases and examples are provided as starting points for your own research. This list is neither exhaustive nor complete. It will evolve as AI evolves.  

As you explore and experiment with various AI solutions related to your industry, if you discover something you think should be included on this list of use cases and examples, please submit your contribution using the form at the bottom of the page.

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Creative Industries

AI Assistants


Generative AI


Predictive AI


Design Tools: Suggestions on design improvements, auto-generate graphics. Music Production: Chord progressions, sound mixing.


Art and Design, Music Composition


Market Trends Prediction

Examples: Canva   Adobe Firefly, DALL-E, MuseNet   Scriptbook, Dragonfly
Content Creation 

AI Assistants


Generative AI


 Predictive AI


CMS (content management systems; websites): SEO improvements, headline suggestions.

Video Editing: Automatic editing, generating sequences.


Writing and Journalism, Video Production




Predict which types of content will perform best.

Examples: HubSpot   Wistia, Grammarly, Mailchimp, Jasper   Envigo, Persado


Business and Marketing
  AI Assistants    Generative AI     Predictive AI
   CRM: Sales predictions, customer insights. Marketing   Automation: Campaign strategies, personalized messaging.   Advertising, Product Development   Sales Forecasting, Customer Behavior Prediction
Examples:: ChatSpot (HubSpot), Einstein Copilot (Salesforce)   Shopify, Mailchimp   Tableau, Polymer, Persado
Technology and Development         
  AI Assistants   Generative AI     Predictive AI
  IDEs: Code optimizations, bug fixes. Cybersecurity: Vulnerability predictions, security enhancements.   Software Development, Testing and Quality Assurance   Cybersecurity Threat Prediction, Network Performance Prediction
Examples: Turing       Softengi
Education and Training         
  AI Assistants   Generative AI     Predictive AI
  E-Learning Platforms: Personalized learning paths, real-time feedback. Training Simulators: Tailored challenges.   E-learning Content Creation, Simulation and Training   Student Performance Prediction, Learning Content Effectiveness
Examples: Bodyswaps   Duolingo   Microsoft Teams for Education
Personalization and Entertainment 
  AI Assistants   Generative AI     Predictive AI
  Streaming Services: Personalized content recommendations. Gaming: Game difficulty adaptation, personalized events.   Gaming, Personalized Content, Personal Project Management   Media Consumption Prediction, Personalized Recommendations
Examples: Pandora, Amazon, Netflix   Notion, Spotify   Amazon
Research and Development         
  AI Assistants   Generative AI     Predictive AI
  Scientific Research Tools: Experiment suggestions, outcome predictions. Product Development: Design suggestions, market acceptance predictions.   Scientific Research, Healthcare   Drug Discovery and Development, Material Science Innovations
  AI Assistants   Generative AI     Predictive AI
  Clinical Decision Systems: Diagnoses suggestions, treatment plans. Medical Scheduling: Optimize schedules, manage follow-ups.   Generating patient-specific treatment plans, simulating surgical procedures   Predicting disease outbreaks and patient health outcomes. Identify risks and prevent readmissions. Mitigate insurance claim errors and streamline processing.
Examples: NOHOLD, Rotera   John Snow Labs   ItrexGroup, Appinventiv
Customer Service         
  AI Assistants   Generative AI     Predictive AI
  Support Chatbots: Handle inquiries, provide instant responses. Feedback Analysis: Identify trends, predict improvements.   Chatbots and Virtual Assistants   Demand Forecasting for Support Services
Examples: Amplitude, Freshdesk   ServiceNow, Ultimate   Service Cloud (Salesforce), Zendesk
Legal and Compliance         
  AI Assistants   Generative AI     Predictive AI
  Legal Research Tools: Summarize case laws, predict outcomes. Compliance Management: Monitor regulatory changes, automate reports.   Document Drafting   Risk Assessment



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