to AI Literacy


A Journey of Exploration and Discovery

Create your own roadmap to navigate the AI learning curve, adopt AI technologies, and achieve a level of AI literacy that will help your organization cut costs and drive business growth.


Become oriented to the general AI landscape, its implications in business, and how it shows up in your existing Tech Stack.  Any one of these three templates can get you started.



Invest in comprehensive AI education covering both theoretical and practical aspects of AI. E.g., workshops, training sessions, AI conferences. 


Strategy Development

Align AI education with your company’s strategic goals, involving AI champions from various departments and functions.



Partner with AI technology providers for access to tools and expertise to accelerate implementation. See use cases here.



Redesign workflows and processes to integrate AI technologies effectively and safely. This case study demonstrates how AI was used to enhance a routine workflow.



Assess performance against established success metrics and business objectives.



Once AI literacy is achieved, foster a culture of innovation that encourages experimentation and exploration of AI technologies.


Custom GPT

Use any of the conversation starters in this custom GPT, or use your own prompts to start designing your own roadmap.